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Reiki Courses

Reiki Level I - Shoden

It focuses on the person themself, in particular on their energy cleansing and balance. The student learns the practice of self-application and goes through the initiation ritual, which provides energy protection, ensuring a more balanced and harmonious energy.

Course duration: 8 hours

Price: 350,00CHF

Reiki Level II - Okuden

Reiki II, also called “The Path of Transformation”, is a course designed to enable the student to use reiki symbols to work at a distance, outside of the usual time, beyond the conscious mind and greatly expanding the reach of energy. At this level of Reiki, we learn Reiki techniques at a distance and Reiki for groups of people, that is, the Reiki practitioner is able to send energy, balance and harmonize his surroundings.

Course duration: 12 hours

Price: 450,00CHF

Reiki Level III - Shinpiden

At this level, the student already has a vision of how important Reiki has become to him and how he can benefit from it. It is also known as the Inner Master level.

Course duration: 8 hours

Price: 600,00CHF

Reiki Master - Gokukaiden

It focuses on the depth of knowledge, preparing the person to be responsible for training other reikians who want to start. It is like a potentiality that can be put into practice, but it can also work only in the search for deeper knowledge, as well as seeing, apprehending and assimilating the symbols of the level. At this level the practitioner also discusses and thinks about some concepts such as time, balance, duality and crisis. The Master's is the moment of “I'm ready”, and it presupposes the will to search for knowledge, to broaden and expand from our interior to a thinking, more conscious and active human being.

Course given individually and only to those who have already taken a course with me.

Course duration: 8 hours

Price: 800,00CHF

All courses are given individually or in groups of several students. 

Possible languages: english, spanish and portuguese.

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