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Hair removal with wax for women

Nose: 15CHF

Upper lip: 20CHF

Chin: 20CHF

Upper lip + chin: 35CHF

Armpits: 20CHF

Belly strip: 15CHF

Belly complete: 25CHF

Arms 1/2: 25CHF

Arms complete: 35CHF

Lower legs: 30CHF

Thighs legs: 35CHF

Legs Complete + feet: 60CHF

Bikini: 30CHF

Brazilian Waxing: 70CHF

Butt complete: 30CHF

Back loin area: 20CHF

Back complete: 35CHF

Toes (each): 6CHF

Feet complete: 25CHF

Full body: 250CHF

Hair removal with wax for men 

Ears or Nose: 20CHF

Armpits: 25CHF

1/2 Arms: 30CHF

Arms complete: 40CHF

Belly: 35CHF

Chest: 35CHF

Belly and chest: 60CHF

Lower legs: 35CHF

Thighs legs: 40CHF

Legs complete + feet: 70CHF

Hands complete: 20CHF

Neck: 20CHF

Pubic hair: 40CHF

Butt complete: 55CHF

Back complete: 60CHF

Toes (each): 7CHF

Feet complete: 30CHF

Full body: 300CHF

Depilação a laser

Permanent hair removal for women

Chin: 35CHF

 Upper lip: 35CHF

Chin + Upper lip: 60CHF

Face complete: 70CHF

Armpits: 50CHF

Arms complete: 60CHF

Belly stripe: 30CHF

Back lumbar area: 35CHF

Bikini: 70CHF

Butt: 50CHF

Butt complete: 70CHF

Intimate area complete: 100CHF

Legs complete + feet: 120CHF

Toes (each): 8CHF

Feet Complete: 35CHF

Full body: 300CHF

Six months of unlimited full body sessions: 1'000CHF

Permanent hair removal for men

Face complete: 100CHF

Ears: 35CHF

Throat/Neck: 35CHF

Armpits: 60CHF

Shoulders: 55CHF

Hands complete: 40CHF

Arms complete: 80CHF

Belly: 70CHF

Chest: 70CHF

Chest + belly: 120CHF

Legs complete + feet: 150CHF

Back lumbar area: 50CHF

Back complete: 120CHF

Pubic hair: 70CHF

Butt: 60CHF

Butt complete: 80CHF

Toes (each): 9CHF

Feet complete: 45CHF

Full Body: 350CHF

Six months of unlimited full body sessions: 1'200CHF

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