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Anti cellulite massage

Is a good complement to eliminate cellulite, as it increases blood and lymphatic circulation in the area, in addition to reducing cellulite nodules, improving its appearance and even facilitating the penetration of anti-cellulite creams. A cream with a hot/cold effect is used during the massage.

Price: 75,00 CHF / 40'

Classical massage (course taken at

Defined as the manipulation of the body's muscles and connective tissue with the aim of normalizing and strengthening their functions. The term "classical massage" means a mechanical influence, mainly manual, on the skin, deeper tissues and musculature. Classical massage is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but it can also be used as a wellness treatment.

Price: 120,00 CHF / 60'

Connective tissue massage

It uses the manipulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue to diagnose, alleviate and cure a range of physical symptoms. This form of massage is often used for muscle tension, joint stiffness, hardening after accidents and injuries, but also for prevention and regeneration.

Price: 60,00CHF / 20-30'​

Craniofacial Massage

It provides several benefits for physical and emotional health. These include muscular and mental relaxation, improved blood flow, help in organizing thoughts, increased cerebral oxygenation, reduced swelling and dark circles, in addition to relieving anxiety, stress and other tensions.

Price: 40,00 CHF / 20'

Cupping therapy

It is an old form of alternative medicine in which the therapist places specific cups on the skin for a few minutes in order to create suction.

Indications: Colds, cough, asthma, back pain, menstrual problems, metabolic problems, skin diseases (non-ulcerating), boils, carbuncles, rheumatic diseases, acute joint problems, muscle weakness, general pain, hypertension, blood circulation disorders, arthritis, abdominal and stomach pain, digestive problems, paralysis, snake, insect or tick bites.

Price: 50,00 CHF / 30'

Price with fire: 60,00 CHF / 30'

Essential oils massage

Aromatic massage is a deeply relaxing therapy in which the calming movements of the massage are combined with the stimulating or calming effect of essential oils. Resulting in a holistic concept for the body, mind and inner serenity.

Price: 120,00 CHF / 50'

Foot reflexology (course taken at

Is a pseudoscientific alternative therapy practice that consists of applying pressure to the feet in order to produce an effect on another part of the body. Pressure is applied with the thumb, fingers and hands.

In addition, foot reflexology sessions can be complementary to various health treatments, as they bring great relief to the patient. These include stress and anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, constipation, labyrinthitis, lower back pain and peripheral neuropathy.

Price for babies and kids: 50,00 CHF / 20'

Adult: 120,00 CHF / 60'

G5 Modeling massage

It's ten times more effective and powerful than manual massages; Burns excess fat accumulated in the body; Creates a tissue recovery effect; Provides regional slimming; Reduces cellulite; Reduces physical stress; Increases the mobility of muscles and joints; Regulates circulation in the treated area; Eliminates lactic acid accumulated in the muscles due to fatigue and relieves spasms; Eliminates oedema and toxins; Promotes tissue elasticity; Accelerates metabolism.

Price: 80,00 CHF / 40'

Hot candle massage (available only in winter)

This unique treatment uses a special soy oil based candle that heats the oil to a warm temperature that can then be poured onto the skin and massaged in. It is an excellent treatment that helps to deeply moisturize the skin while providing enough heat to relieve stress and/or pain.

Price:  120,00 CHF / 50'

Hot stone massage (available only in winter)

Is a therapeutic massage, used as a complementary therapy to help treat various health conditions, as it has many benefits, such as reducing stress, anxiety, improving sleep quality or relieving muscle tension and pain, on the back, for example.

Price: 120,00 CHF / 60'


For aesthetics aims to help reduce measurements and improve the appearance of cellulite, work on localized fat and help eliminate edema, in addition to promoting physical and mental relaxation.

Price:  75,00 CHF / 40'

Manual Liposculpture

Manual Liposculpture consists of a vigorous massage, with the purpose of detaching fat cells from the tissues, eliminating them through the bloodstream via urine and feces.

Price: 75,00 CHF / 40'

Manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder method)

It is a type of therapeutic massage that helps to relieve swelling that may have occurred during some specific medical treatment and/or post-operatively, due to blockages in the lymphatic system. It is also a highly recommended therapy to help with weight loss.

Price: 120,00 CHF / 60'

Pregnancy massage

Improves the quality of sleep, acts on the nervous system, helping to relax and reduce muscle tension. When the discomfort associated with muscle pain reduces, you can find more comfortable positions and sleep better and more deeply.

Price: 120,00 CHF / 50'


Sport massage pre-competition

It is recommended to prepare muscles for physical activity. Helps with confidence and concentration. It is a toning, superficial and quick massage, to excite the nervous system with the purpose of warming the muscles, promoting the dilation of blood vessels and hyperemia, which consists of increased blood circulation.

Price: 70,00 CHF / 20'

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